Vancouver MRA is a grass roots men's human rights activist organization in Canada's largest Western city for the purpose of real-world activism. It is the mandate of Vancouver MRA to provide information, and a point of contact and support for MRAs in British Columbia.

Formed by six dedicated men and women in Early 2012, the group focuses on off the grid, real world, strictly lawful, and non-violent activism in defence of the human rights of men and boys. Members of Vancouver MRA work together, in person and around metro Vancouver in a number of grass roots activist projects.

Membership is private, but individuals interested in participating are encouraged to contact

What is the MRM?

The Men’s Rights Movement (MRM) is a grass roots, unfunded and loosely associated collection of human rights advocates focused on opposing the marginalization and vilification of men and boys in Western society. The MRM is a non-violent, non-political movement comprised of men and women who believe, based on a growing body of evidence that the human rights of males are being systematically removed by activists, lobbyists, politicians and academicians who cling to a misguided and wrongheaded belief that masculinity is fundamentally violent or harmful. This persistent myth is often referred to as cultural misandry.
The reality of men’s second-class status within Western society is demonstrated by a number of well known, but ignored facts. This is a short sample for illustrative purposes only.
A few examples include that Men die roughly 5 years earlier than women, men commit suicide at 4 times the rate of women. In addition, 93% of workplace deaths are male, and while courts enforce financial obligations to women with children,  they have no reproductive rights.  The point of this summary is not to build an exhaustive case, or to list dozens of examples with cited sources;  but to outline, in abbreviated terms the social and political landscape which requires a vigorous activist movement in defence of the human rights of men and boys.